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I figured I should do this on behalf of my girlfriend :) She loves One Piece and she was the one that introduced me to the series. It is now one of my favourite shows and I’ve completely fallen in love with the mugiwaras.
My girlfriend drew this drawing the other day, and she is quite humble so she wouldn’t do anything like this.
I was wondering if you could showcase it on your blog? She’d be really happy to see it on your blog, I think she follows you, and it brightens my day when she sparks up like that :)
Her tumblr is

Best regards.

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Shizuku, I love you.






this might go over the heads of some of the kids on here. 

did you just

This is the greatest post I have ever seen because it is both a pun and a harsh truth.


I showed this to my 11 year old brother and asked him if he knew what it was. He looked at it for a few seconds and said

"I dunno. a printer?"


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the kiss of life and hope

I’ve been all over underwater kisses since last chapter and I had to try my hand at it! This was especially drawn for isamura-san. Happy Birthday!

edit: hmmm it looks sharper cut in half but it also takes away a bit of the impact, so I uploaded the full picture instead.

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wow there is so much anime i haven’t finished yet

let’s start another

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The first picture is me and my twinbrother when we were 3 years old. The second picture is me on my brother’s funeral. He was 18 years old and killed himself. I don’t care if this ruins your blog. I want you to reblog this and make a statement.

The first picture is worldfamous. Even Kendall Jenner posted it on her instagram account.We were on the news because no one knew that the picture was 15 years old. But people need to realize that life isn’t as pretty as the picture tells us. Life is cruel. Just like our society. And I’ve lost my best friend because of it. Teenagers are suppose to have fun, instead of thinking about killing themselves. 

I hope this will get to Kendall Jenner and she’ll defend my statement. Because no one will probably listen to me… 

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wow look at this terrible role model for young girls.

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I noticed we didn’t see Levy landing on the end of ch. 397 so I said to myself “Hey, let’s fill the blanks” lol. As always, I hope my handwriting is legible enough.

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